Before you start working on Polynomials that look like fractions be sure that adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing fractions fractions are not difficult for you. If they are go back and review any of the above that you are unsure of.

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Polynomials consists of:

variables (another name for letters) - always h = variable

a coefficient (the number in front of a variable) - 2k sometimes
even a exponent (a small number written after the variable -

an operation sign (tells you what to do) sometimes

+ - x /

a constant (number that stands alone - sometimes


Polynomials should be solved by first placing them order by degree (that is the highest exponent goes first).

Second place in alphabetical order

Next simplify like terms c + c + c becomes 3c

Finally use the order of operation to simply the polynomial further.
Finally you are ready to solve the polynomial.
Notice the variable is never capitalized.

3(h + 5) becomes 3h + 15
m (a + 4) becomes am + 4m
4g + 6 g becomes 10 g
19b + 8b becomes 27b

Easy isn't?

Are you still taking notes?

Remember you can repeat the movies as often as you need to.