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Mentally check all that apply:

  • I can add two digits without using my fingers.
  • I can subtract two digits without my fingers.
  • I know the place value of whole numbers.
  • I can multiply one digit to another easily.
  • I can multiply two digits easily.
  • I never use my fingers to help me do math.
  • I don't use a calculator to find the answers.
Open your mind to the treasure of math.

Certain basic math facts must be known as well as you know your own name.

If you want to do well in any sport you practice -
a lot.

You wouldn't expect to be good at basketball if you didn't practice.

You practice dribbling and shooting the basketball.

Despite common opinion, it takes practice to be good at math.


and more

You already know what part of math you are having problems with.

Click on a word below. It will point you towards information about the subject and then on to a Flash movie

Watch the movie as often as you need to.

Remember the more you practice the better you will be.

Whole Number






Word Problem Hints



Early Math

Beyond Basics includes integers, geometry, scientific notation, algebra (includes rational numbers), data, linear equations, ratio, inequalities -- more to come

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