Linear Equations

Before you can solve a linear equation ou must be able to solve regular equations.

When making the table use the numbers 3, 2, 1, 0, -1, -2, -3 . Thes number will make solving the equaion easier.

Linear Equation's solution includes all answers of a particular equation. There will always be more than one answer.

Sometimes the answer is on the line - if the equation is an equality.

The answer can be above the line if it is a greater than equation.

The answer can be below the line if it is a less than equation.


Before you write the table solve for y

Write the table as follows:
Value of x - equation - v.alue of y - pairs
y = 2 x + 7

x [][] y = 2 x + 7 [] [] y [] pairs
3 [][] y = 2 (3) + 7 [] [] 13[] 3, 13

Note: [] is used for spacing only

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