Order of


The Rules

An Example

First Do - Parenthesis

(Wherever they are - simplify them)

Leave answer in parenthesis

(15 - 8)


Second Do - Exponents

Which means a number to a power

A number 5 to the second power is written 5 x 5

5 to the second power =

5 x 5 = 25

Third Do - Multiply And/Or Divide in order given

Multiply if the multiplication sign come first.

Divide if the division sign comes first.

18 / 4 x 3 = 12

5 x 8 + 18/3= 46

Fourth Do - Add And/Or Subtract in order given

Add if the addition sign come first.

Subtract if the subtraction sign comes first.

6 + 5 - 8 = 3

18 - 5 + 8 = 21

You must memorize these steps.

Then everytime you change something go to the next line.

Don't rush to the answer.

The steps must be done in order.

Do not skip a step unless the operation is not present.

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Are you still taking notes?

Remember you can repeat the movies as often as you need to.