Rounding decimals uses the same rules as rounding whole numbers. First find a place value that you are rounding to (remember all place values after the decimal end in T H. In addition the first-place after the decimal is tenths place. Decimal place values start tenths and go to hundredth, etc.). Circle the number or place to be rounded and underline the number to its right. It the number underlined is less than five replace it and all the numbers following with zeros; also leave the number circled alone. It the number underlined is five or more increase the number circled by one and change of the numbers that follow to zeros.
Estimating using decimals is just like rounding and use the same rules.
You always estimate or round before you perform any math operation.

Go over your work checking for any errors.

A scrap box should be used to do the calculations. Try not to get into the habit of doing your scrap work on another piece of paper. It is much easier to find a mistake if all the work is in front of you and located close to the problem.

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