Look behind the last number for an invisible decimal !!

Look behind the tree for the invisible wolf!

Decimals – If no decimal point is visible -- place a decimal point behind the last number.

1) When adding or subtracting decimals always write them in the order given - line up the decimals first - place the number on both sides of the decimals adding zeros as needed.

2) Multiplying decimals is just like multiplying whole numbers - be sure to help to count the number of spaces to the right of the decimal of both Multiplan and the multiplier. EXAMPLE .12 x .003 = .00036

3) Decimals never divide - - always move the decimal of the divisor until it is a whole number -- then move the decimal of the dividend (in the box the same number of places) add zeros as needed. Place the decimal of the quotient (answer) directly above that decimal in the dividend. Place only one digit of each number of the dividend.

4) Rounding decimals uses the same rules as rounding whole numbers. First find a place value that you are rounding to (remember all place values after the decimal end in T H. In addition the first-place after the decimal is tenths place. Decimal place values start tenths and go to hundredth, etc.). Circle the number or place to be rounded and underline the number to its right. It the number underlined is less than five replace it and all the numbers following with zeros; also leave the number circled alone. It the number underlined is five or more increase the number circled by one and change of the numbers that follow to zeros.

5) Estimating using decimals is just like rounding and use the same rules.

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