History of "Math by OZ"

Creator - "Math by OZ" is created by a High School math teacher for a parochial school, who also tutors Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2 and Trig.

WebMaster - All of "Math by OZ" even the web pages are created by the same person.

How - The Web Pages are created using the Mac version of first Dreamweaver 4 then updated to Dreamerweaver MX when it came out.

How - The movies were first written as an animated Powerpoint 2002 presentation and saved as an animated QuickTime movie. Then it is saved as a non-animated QuickTime movie which is placed on the web. The animated versions were too large for my allotted web space so non-animated versions are used. The animated versions are often used in my classroom.

The movies have been all rewritten into an active Flash Movie presentation as are all new movies.

When on the Web - Dreamweaver 4 was downloaded in March of 02. I purchased it 15 days later. After much reading and working with it the site was officially up on April 28, 2002
Why on the web - Parents often asked if I kept copies of the notes I required the students take when I was a middle school math teacher. This was especially asked when the student's notes were unclear or incomplete. As most of the students had access to the internet - I choose to use it.

Hardware used - Flat-screen IMAC with 100 gig of ram. I'm currently using a Mac pro.
New movies are written when a particular concept is difficult for some of my students. Movies are also updated when the method taught is significantly changed.

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Beyond Basics includes integers, geometry, data, scientific notation, algebra,and more

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